13 Best YouTube Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

YouTube is not just to satisfy the viewing habits of people having to look for similar documentaries online and also provides additional benefits of being free.

13 Best YouTube Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

YouTube documentaries also prove that “the truth is foreigner than fiction” often also applies in an age-old language.

The virality of Netflix’s Making a Murderer as well as Keepers but also 13th, HBO’s The Jinx, as well as Gringo Showtimes’s The Dangerous Life of John McAfee has stimulated documentary movie-making itself throughout the past several years.

Even though we take into account the above platforms necessary instead of comfort for creatures, many individuals now have to pay more attention than enrichment for their expenses.

Fortunately, YouTube is not just to satisfy the viewing habits of people having to look for similar documentaries online and also provides additional benefits of being free.

The 20 best YouTube documentaries, ranging from YouTube crime film to Sir David Attenborough’s BBC investigations, are collectively devoted to the topics of complaints, justice, redemption, majestic elegance and humour.


Madness in the Fast Lane

In 2008, two Swedish sisters, Sabina Eriksson and Ursula, were captured by BBC Documentary Cameras, which willingly struck the M6 motorway throughout the UK. The vitality of the news clip led to a study of the event in which filmmakers delved into a little-known phenomenon known as folie a deux, in which delusional behaviours are passed from person to person.


A Certain Kind of Death

What tends to happen to our bodies when we die is among the big mysteries which exist today? In A Certain kind of Death, filmmakers Grover Babcock, as well as Blue Hadaegh, ask themselves a very much simpler question: what would a deceased individual’s body actually happen when they have no next of kin?


Capturing the Friedmans

Trying to capture the Friedman was originally meant to become a review of various children’s entertainer by filmmaker Anthony Jarecki, with the headline Only a Clown – focusing in particular on famous New York City entertainer, David Friedman, who’d been named “Silly Billy,” a clown moniker.

However, Jarecki discovered in his filming that both Jesse, his brother Friedman, and Arnold, his dad, had admitted guilt to child sexual abuse.

In 2003, the film was also nominated for a Documentary Feature Academy Award.


Wisconsin Death Trip

In Wisconsin’s death trip, based on the very same book by Michael Lesy, the bizarre storey of an odd event throughout the Wisconsin town of Black River Falls throughout the 1980s is told by old photographs and vintage documents. DJ Shadow scored the whole film as just a bonus.


The Family that Walks on All Fours

The BBC Two documentary, The Family Which Walks on All Fours, tells of the history of a Kurdish family in Turkey, all moved with the impression of a retrograde development.

The film seems to be certainly an eye-opening exam on even a nuclear unit because it would aim to uncover the biological reasoning behind what might create generations of a family move so special.


This is the Zodiac Speaking

The Zodiac killer is among the most infamous as well as high profile killings in US history that have led to numerous theories as well as a David Fincher film, but the perpetrator of California’s seven murders from December 1968-October 1969 is still not explained.

While other documentaries primarily concentrate on attempting to point your finger at interesting people, Zodiac Speaking instead chooses factual analysis as well as enables the viewer to develop his own convictions.


A Murder In The Family

In 2002, in his sleep throughout the Philippines, a British businessman was murdered. In A Murder Throughout the Family, the victim’s mother, Margaret Davis, tries to show how the responsibility lies with her lawyer, Evelyn.


A Brief History of Time

Run by the renowned filmmaker Errol Morris, A Brief History of Time is his review of physicist Stephen Hawking’s incredible life.


The Making of Rushmore

Wes Anderson, with his stories as well as unique colour sense, has become one of Hollywood’s more original filmmakers over the years.

While Rushmore was also not his first film, Anderson certainly set a path upward. But many may not even be aware that Eric Chase Anderson, his brother, was armoured with such a camera to document the ambitious function of his brother.

The Making of Rushmore is definitely lighter fare than most other documentaries on YouTube, from trying to cast an uncharted Jason Schwartzman to just the musings of Bill Murray.


Dear Zachary

The 2008 Documentary of the filmmaker Kurt Kuenne is especially poignant as he was himself friends of the movie subject Andrew Bagby, who’d been found shot dead in such a Pennsylvania park.

Even as investigation on his ex-friend fled to Canada begins, the crime drama will become more important when it becomes clear that perhaps the woman gets pregnant with the baby of Andrew.


The Next Black

The Next Black is a movie that looks to the future of mode. Although that is a comprehensive and overarching concept, every aspect of exploration wakes up stuff that you have probably not even seen as what it actually means, how technology helps us and also why the industry is one of the world’s leading pollutant producers.

Documentaries challenge what this means to also be “into clothing” during an age of definitely less utilitarian products than fifty years ago through important interviews with people from Adidas, BioCouture, Studio XO and Patagonia.


Dirty Girls

Throughout the spring of 1996, a senior secondary school student, Michael Lucid, began documenting the lives of Harper and Amber, two 8th grade girls, who were becoming the subject of torment for what has been described as “crass behaviour and poor sanitation” by their classmate throughout the opening crawl.

On several levels, the film is starting to wake up. It touches upon the sentiment of anti-establishment that has started to blow through the grunge movement in music and also how high school cliques are created, and sometimes even preteens can identify only with messages of the riot grrrl.



Thanks to the use of the MMA discipline, in recent times, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has experienced a rise in interest of the public.

The Gracie family is certainly the most prominent name in a martial art — belt after belt. In 1995 there was a rock-&-smelling, eight-man competition without weight class cameras all over Rickson Gracie and two other fighters since they were preparing for the Vale Tudo Japan tourney.


Final Words

These are some of the best documentaries on YouTube that you should definitely watch with your family and friends and gain great information from it.


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