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10 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to in 2021

The platform still faces several of its challenges, like fighting between individuals and businesses, rejection on channels through false claims of copyright, as well as creator burnout.


On YouTube, it was a weird year. Shane Dawson, “The King,” has been canceled, and LeafyIsHere has returned for a very short period, and Unus Annus” has ended. And that’s only half of it.

However, many have spent much more time this year online, going to lead to a lifetime boom that was supported by such a murder mystery game called “Among Us” as well as an unseemly, faceless creator known as Corpse Husband.

The platform still faces several of its challenges, like fighting between individuals and businesses, rejection on channels through false claims of copyright, as well as creator burnout.

Are indeed 21 creators who can make your homepage a nicer place to be in 2021, by size, in addition to your subscriptions.



This Youtube channel breaks up different dramas on Cringey’s channel. The therapist YouTuber Kati Morton, a YouTuber with dissociative identity, as well as a fine denture, urges people who don’t take an influencer’s term as just a gospel. She means going through medical claims made by other great creators, like DissociaDID.

Cringey seems to be on a one-woman mission to combat misleading information as well as false claims but has surrounded several of Youtube’s more controversial figures, like Amberlyn Reid and Onision, calling the community of its drama channel to erratic feuds and backstabbing.

If you experience a scandal of mental, psychological, or poor science on YouTube, you may want to join the 13000 subscribers of Cringey.


Cherita Explains It All

That is an indispensable member of the comments community Cherita Gaskin, Cherita Explains it All. Given that the majority of people who run commentary channels are white, it is a crucial part of the image so if Gaskin gives her viewpoint as just a black woman.

Gaskin has some 13000 members, but for her patience, thoroughness, and informativeness, she deserves a lot more attention to what is happening all around the globe, both on YouTube and throughout the culture of celebrity.

It only with her most popular videos, for instance, tells of the beauty of YouTuber Jackie Aina, while others concentrate on contentious remarks by actor Terry Crews.


Atiya Walcott

In the past year, Atiya Walcott grew steadily to 14000 via an eclectic mixture of content such as vlogs that record her TikToks reactions, nose job, and commentary.

Walcott would be one to watch in 2021 since she has many other various different subjects and trends enthusiastically. There will always be a surprise when each upload is distinct.

Walcott responded to the universally condemned apology video of Tana Mongeau in September. For racist micro-aggression in his past, Mongeau apologized, and Walcott, a black woman, pointed out all that didn’t feel good.

But Walcott is entertaining not only because she has a good sense of humor. The description of your channel sums up her objective: “I would like you to laugh.”


Katie Ionita 

And you’ll see more videos from upcoming channels, videos from Katie Ionita are just an excellent place to start. Their coverage covers some of the stars of YouTube’s potentially harmful behavior, true crime, and talk about their lives at times.

For around five months, Ionita has made videos and created a sequence of 21000 subscribers. She continues to experience her content and find the place that she fits on YouTube, but her responsive approach to complex issues and her sunny personality end up making every video a pleasure to watch.

In the following year, she will probably become such a wider voice throughout the commentary community of Youtube.


Sister Zio 

About 8 months ago, Sister Zio appeared on YouTube with a four-minute breakdown of the way former employees “canceled” Ellen Degeneres on Twitter. Ever since, the anonymous YouTuber has been uploading four additional videos, each of which examines something else on the internet.

Particularly impressive seems to be the documentary video of dividing YouTuber Gabbie Hanna. It spans all from the start of her career to her falling popularity throughout the summer for almost two hours.

Anyone with 23000 subscribers behind Sister Zio didn’t upload a new video for three months.



For around three years, VangelinaSkov had been on and off YouTube, but their network was growing when they began to cover the impact of the community of the Dissociative Identity Disorder this year.

Skov surrounded everything which developed in a DID community, from allegations of cultural ownership to concerns about unsuitable artwork, bringing thousands of subscribers on their channels.

Skov is quite factual and open to his own problems with mental health, so he has built up a great deal of faith throughout the community. Often they collaborate with several other commentary media to discuss the stigma of mental health, problem YouTube dramas, and questions. They also discuss interesting issues.


Pastel Belle 

Pastel Belle had also recently become more aware of a few of the internet’s most toxic fields. Belle’s videos usually talk about things happening throughout the YouTube community and sometimes analyze the harmfulness and triggering of some of the behaviors.

For around three years, Belle has always been on YouTube and has been steadily growing after 38000 subscribers over the last 12 months. Your videos are really a mixture of facts, viewpoints, and references to your own experiences. She as well interviewed people who were victims of some of the darker communities of the Internet.

Fans appreciate that Belle pays attention to the subjects she deals with, never placing the blame, but providing the full story to her audience.


Christopher Tom 

Christopher Tom deals with the most contentious digital culture trials and trials. Tom has a large mix of videos, such as documentary characteristics that catalog the downfall or even the rise of a creator. Other videos are more snappy and premised on opinion.

The debate on YouTube has been addressed by several individuals, including Bogie2988, Onision, and Gabbie Hanna, as well as several common themes like periodized cancellations and stan culture, mostly on the platform. He has gained 63000 subscribers with his thoughtful approach.


Final Words

So these are some of the best YouTube channels that you should definitely follow in the year 2021. You will definitely gain a lot of information from these channels, which will be really beneficial to you.


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